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Scenes from a party

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Scenes from a partyScene one: PreparationMy husband knows I like variety, and he encourages me to have other men. Sometimes he has other women too, and there have been times when I've been involved in threesomes with him and another woman, but that's a different story. Or several different stories.This story is about a party from St Patrick's day this year, just before lockdown.My husband chose my outfit - the shortest skirt I have which barely covers my modesty, and a deep neckline t-shirt; both green, of course, for St P?s day. Underwear: push up bra (black), and black lacy knickers that hardly cover the slit, let alone the outer lips. Black patent heels. I looked at myself in the mirror after I'd got dressed. "You want me to get fucked?" I asked."I'll be disappointed if you don't," he replied."Me too"Scene two: SelectionWe knew Paul, the guy who was hosting the party, well. He's a good friend, and we?ve fucked when our other commitments allow. We'd met most of his other guests too, so socialising was easy. After a few joint greetings, and a couple of glasses of wine, my husband and I went to talk to different groups of people.It was about two hours after we?d arrived when Paul came over to talk to me. I was chatting to two other guys at the time, who seemed to be enjoying the amount of flesh I was showing. Especially one of them who looked like he had a semi, and I was thinking about how I could tease him by giving him a view of my scantily covered pussy. And hoping that would encourage him to suggest sex."Excuse me," Paul said. I'm not sure if you've met Simon"We all turned to look. I replied first. "No, I haven't," I said. "Good to meet you. I'm Kate""Good to meet you too," Simon replied. "I've been hearing a lot about you from Paul. I hope to see more of you". He looked me up and down as he said the last sentence.I smiled. "Of course. Paul can give you my number, I?m sure we can arrange something""No time like the present," Paul said. "That outfit looks like you're in the mood, Kate. Simon has something I'm sure you'll like""Oh really?," I replied. "I'm interested. Very. As long as you're joining in, Paul?""Oh yes"I turned back to the two guys I?d been talking to when Paul and Simon came over. "Either of you want to join in?"They both nodded. It looked like the guy who's had a semi was about to cum in his pants at the thought."Good. Lead on, Paul"Scene three: actionPaul led the way upstairs and to his bedroom. I followed him, with the other three guys behind me. I was certain that whoever was directly behind me on the stairs would have a view up my skirt to my panties.I stood by the foot of the bed and faced them. I kicked off my shoes, unzipped my skirt, then pulled off my t-shirt so that I stood in just my underwear. "You first," I said to the guy who'd been eyeing me up. I guessed his need was more urgent.He took a couple of steps towards me, pulling off his shirt as he did. He reached behind me to unclasp my bra, and I undid his trousers and pushed them and his boxers down. His cock sprang to attention as it was released. I knelt in front of him to take off his clothes, and then took his cock briefly in my mouth. It was already slick with precum. I stood up and slid down my panties, and let them fall to the floor. His hand reached between my legs, and a finger slid easily into me."You're so wet""Uh huh. And you need to be inside me"I put a hand on his neck and my other hand on his cock, pulling him towards me and then down onto the bed on top, my legs opening as I lay back, my hand guiding him into me."Fuck," he said as he slid in me. It looked like he was concentrating hard."It's ok, " I said. "Just cum if you need to"He kissed me, our tongues touching fleetingly, then started to thrust. Soon he was groaning, his cock twitching hard as he filled me with cum. I was just waiting for him to get off when I heard my husband's voice."You next. Fuck her from behind, she loves it"The guy on top of me moved off and I looked to see who was next. It was Simon, and Paul had been right, I did like what I saw. Not hugely long, but ridiculously thick."From behind, not in," I said. "I'll need warming up before you try that"The guys laughed. I moved onto my elbows knees and cum dripped out, onto my thighs and some on the bed. I felt the tip of Simon's cock slide underneath me, along the slit, then back so the tip was at my wet hole. He grabbed my hips and I moved back onto him as he pushed forward, feeling my pussy stretch open to welcome him. I gasped when he was balls deep."I hope you like it, " Simon said. "Fuck yes, fuck me with it. Fuck me hard"Simon grabbed my hips and after a few slow thrusts he started fucking me hard, fast, pushing deep into me with each inward stroke, taking my breath away with the ferocity of it, making me moan with pleasure. "You love it don't you, dirty girl"I reached back and started to frig my clit."Oh yes fuck my slutwife pussy, make me come, I?m so fucking horny"I closed my eyes, rubbing my clit harder as Simon's thrusts got faster and then my body was shaking as I came hard, Simon's cock still pounding my pussy and then with a groan I felt his cock pulse inside me as he came."You're a noisy one," he said when his cock started to go soft inside me, his cum beginning to leak out. I leant forwards so he fell out of my pussy, and lay on my side on the bed."Yeah. I needed that," I said. "I nearly peed myself I came that hard. I looked at Paul and the other guy who hadn't fucked me yet. "I'd better pee before I get fucked again or things might get wet. Hope you don?t mind waiting a minute. Sorry"I started to get off the bed, but Paul spoke up. "Just take the duvet off. The mattress protector is on and the sheets will wash. And you know I love it when you lose control"I looked at the other guy. "You're next. Is that ok with you?""Yeah, I mean, if you don't mind?"I smiled at him as I got off the bed and removed the duvet. Then I laid back down, legs splayed, and gestured him toward me."You're sure this is ok?" he asked as he got onto the bed"Fucking me? Sure"He blushed. "I meant the other thing."By now he was between my legs, ready to enter me."I don't mind, as long as you don't. Besides, it might not happen""Oh, ok." He looked a bit disappointed.I reached down for his cock and pulled him towards me. "Just fuck me and let's see."He pushed into my soaking wet hole and started to fuck me, slowly at first and then harder, faster, and I felt a little bit of pee leak out. "Oh fuck, " he said, "I wish I could see it""Just stop a sec," I said. I grabbed a pillow and moved itt under my bum. "Now kneel up between my legs"He adjusted his position, and started to thrust again. He was staring at my pussy, and tt was obvious he really wanted to see me pee. "Ok, just a bit longer, keep going.? My fingers danced on my clit and he carried on thrusting, and then I groaned as I stated to come again, and as I leaked some more pee it all got too much for him and he came in me."Thank you," he said when he got off me. "I've always wanted to see that, but my wife says it's disgusting to want to watch a lady pee. I'd better go back to the party in case she's wondering where I've got to.""Thank you. Next time I'll pee as much as you want. Give my husband your mobile number before you go downstairs.?Paul took his place between my legs, first down on his elbows as he fucked me, but then raised up on his hands, banging hard into me, and as the pressure built on my bladder so did my pleasure. Soon it was too much and I was moaning again as I started to come, coming so hard I started to pee, and then I was coming and peeing together for what felt like minutes until Paul groaned and came in me.Once he'd pulled out I squatted on the bed and pushed out the cum from my hole. There was a lot of it. Given the shortness of my shirt and the skimpiness of my panties, it wouldn't be good to have it visibly falling out of me during the rest of the party.Paul said he had to get back to his guests and started to get dressed. The first guy and Simon were still there with my husband. They were both hard. So was my husband, but I knew he?d want to wait."If you want to go again we can do it back at our house. I need a bit of a break. Meet outside at midnight if you'd like. As long as my husband is ok with that?". I looked at him"More than ok"Scene four: transitThe two guys were waiting outside at midnight when my husband and I left the party. "How did you travel here?" My husband asked. Simon said he?d grabbed a cab, and the other guy - I now know he was called Andy- had walked. We'd driven, so we said we'd give them a lift back to ours, as we lived a little way out of town."Sit in the back between them, then they can finger you while I drive," my husband said. I took off my knickers before getting in the back. All the drive home they were fingering me, playing with my tits, sucking on my nipples, kissing me, until 20 minutes later when we got home I'd already come once, and was desperate to be fucked again.Scene five: more actionI led the way into the house and upstairs to the bedroom. By the time my husband came upstairs, I was already naked, laid on the bed, Andy and Simon knelt either side of my head as I took them in my mouth in turn. My husband undressed, then told Andy to fuck me. Andy moved eagerly on top, and my already well fucked hole willingly took him in. He was more controlled this time, kissing me, taking his time, wanting to please me. It was a lovely change from the harder fucking at the party, and I loved the growing sensitivity and sensation as my body responded to him. When I told him I was going to come I thought he'd speed up but he kept the same pace through my orgasm, and beyond, and when I started to come again I finally felt his cock pulse as he came.Simon wanted me to ride him, so he lay on the bed and I lowered myself onto his beautiful thick cock. I rode him slowly, slowly, enjoying the sensation of being full. I'd already come once when I felt the coldness of lube on my ass hole. I paused in my movements and looked around. Andy was hard again and my husband pulled apart my bum cheeks while Andy entered my ass. It took the guys a couple of minutes to get into their rhythm but when they did it felt amazing, and I came in floods, squirting at the end. (Yes, squirting and peeing are not the same thing. They feel different. And my husband says they taste different, too).Me coming was too much for Andy and he came in my ass, and when he pulled out I went back to riding Simon?s cock. I came first, and would have happily collapsed onto him but he was still hard inside me, holding my hips and thrusting up, until he groaned and came.Scene 6: aftersThe guys got dressed and my husband rang for a cab for them. I put on a pair of knickers to catch the cum drips from both holes. My husband put on a dressing gown. We went to the kitchen for a glass of wine while we waited for the taxi. My husband linked his phone to the kitchen TV and showed us the photos he'd taken. When he got to the one with me being doubled, Simon reached under the table between my legs."You said I could have your ass after it was warned up, right?""Uh huh""It must be warm now"I put my hand in his crotch. He definitely had a semi. And my pussy was responding to his touch."But Your cab will be here soon""I'll stay if you will give me your ass"There was a knock at the door. "I have to go anyway," Andy said. "Hope to see you again. I?ve given him my number". Andy left and got into the cab.I looked at my husband."You want Simon in your ass," he asked?I looked at Simon and felt the swell of his cock in his jeans"Yeah if you don't mind waiting a bit longer to have me""Ok. I'd love to see if you can take that in your bum""No other woman has ever let me," Simon said. "I'd love to see it too"My husband went to tell the cab to go, and shut the front door.Scene 7: action, revisitedBack in the bedroom I took off my knickers and Simon got undressed again. I took him in my mouth until he was fully hard, then got on the bed on my elbows and knees, ass pointing up in the air. My husband pulled my bum cheeks apart, and I felt more lube being put on the hole. Then I felt the tip of Simon's cock against the hole, and I willed myself to relax. "Slowly, " I said, not wanting the hole to spasm and prevent his entry.Simon pushed gently and my bum started to open to receive him. "Fuck this looks amazing," my husband said. He was still holding my bum cheeks apart. I felt his hands leave, then Simon's hands were there instead. My husband was taking photos again. Simon paused with the ridge of his glans at the hole."Is this ok?" he asked"It's wonderful. It hurts but it's good"Simon?s hands didn?t move, but I felt more lube being applied. Must be my husband. I was sure that my husband's fingers must have touched Simon's cock as he applied it. Simon didn't budge."It's ok, " Simon said. ?Paul told me you liked to touch the guys who fuck your wife. Lube all down the shaft." My imagination worked overtime, thinking of my husband holding Simon?t fat cock.I was ready for Simon to push in but waited while he was lubed up. Then I felt him pressing inwards again and I winced as the hole opened to take the ridge of his glans. After that the rest slid in more easily.Simon paused, his cock buried in my ass. "How is it for you to be my first anal?""Good. Very good. Just take it gently"He started to move, tiny movements at first, just a centimetre or so, letting us both get used to the feeling. Then after a couple of minutes of that, he started to use longer strokes. "So fucking tight," he said. "I might not last long"I reached back to rub my clit. "Ok, I won't be long"I concentrated on the building orgasm, hoping he'd hold on, then I was shaking as I came again, my ass contacting around his shaft. "Oh fuck" he said and I felt his cock swell inside me and then twitch hard as he came.When I?d stopped shaking I slid forward slowly to release myself from his cock. Then I lay on the bed, getting my breath back.Scene 8: the end of the beginning"Thank you," Simon said. "I've always wondered what that would feel like." He moved to lay beside me."No, thank you. I've had a lovely time". I reached down and took his sticky cock in my hand. "This has been magnificent," I said, squeezing his cock.Simon kissed me. "So has this," he said, cupping my pussy. I felt his coick stir slightly as he touched my swollen pussy. I absentmindedly started to move my hand on his shaft. ?I should go,? Simon said. ?I think your husband deserves some time with you?I looked up. ?You?re right,? I said. My hand was still on his fat cock, and he still had two fingers inside me. Reluctantly I let go of his shaft?There?s a spare room if you want to sleep over,? my husband said. ?We can go again in the morning. I?m sure she?d like another double then??Uh huh,? I said. ?If you don?t mind??Why would I mind if it means getting to use your lovely pussy again??Simon removed his fingers, then got off the bed and grabbed his clothes off the floor. ?Where am I going??My husband showed him to the spare room and then came back to the bedroom. Simon was right - my husband had earned his fun. I patted the bed beside me. ?Come and lie down?He lay beside me and I straddled his face, enjoying his tongue lapping at my folds as the cum dripped out into his mouth. When he?d finished cleaning me up, I released a stream of hot pee which he swallowed eagerly. Then I moved down his body and lowered my pussy onto his rock hard cock. It didn?t take him long to cum, but he?d had to wait for hours and I?d had lots of fun that night.In the morning I got the promised extra fucking - first Simon, then my husband, then the double. There?s been nothing like it since the lockdown, of course. But soon, I hope. Soon.
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